Shrine Transition

It’s been more than a year again since my last update! Good Lord, always slacking off and with too many online projects I’ve been doing plus a lot of sleep ahahahah. To be honest, the very main reason why I’m lacking updates is because of the system I’m using since effin’ 2005; that is manual updates. Like I have to login to my cpanel and create or edit files/pages one by one which is causing me so much time and troubles. But alas! We are now switching to WordPress after forever of not trying it out. This way, I’ll be able to edit and create pages as simple as one-two-three and with the blogging system of WordPress, it’ll be much easier.

Since that we are currently transferring into a new system, kindly please expect that all of the links above are currently empty. I will not post an update to each pages that will be added but I will once the transfer is finished. 😀

That will be all for today, please bear with me!

— This post was published on Monday, 2nd July 2018 at 14:00 PM by Aki and was filed under News, Site.

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