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Before, when I have nothing to do, I can still make this useless time meaningful and enjoy it. For example, if there’s a traffic jam, I’d say “Oh well it’s okay, I can go slowly, no hurry,” but now, I just want to get home right away and sleep, so I can’t tolerate traffic jams!

I use to hate kids, actually I’m not sure if I hate kids or like kids… because sometimes they’re cute, but when they cry .. -_-” But anyhow I gradually stuck to the “LIKE” side more. I never really thought about my own kids though. Hmm but I want one boy one girl, but raising kids is really difficult.. so I’d rather play with other’s kids. ^^ Isn’t it good that you can play with them and have no responsibilities? I guess that’s good enough for now? [laughs]

Lets say, if I’m watching TV and got hungry, can’t get food from convenient store, and it just sucks to go out to eat alone… at the end I’ll end up cooking myself. I’ll make those simple but delicious food, which for me it’s something like nabeyaki.. like a hot pot or something. You can eat it anytime right? I ate it for 2 consecutive days. [laughs]

Death..of course it’s scary.. but why? Probably because there’s still things that you wanna do I think? And the pain is also scary. There’s another world after death? These days I sorta believe in the existence of ghosts. Its quite fascinating, thinking that so many billions have died prior, then what do they do? And if you see a ghost then it’s like what you’ll become when you die… right?

How many times have we done it? About 5? Although it’s called encore, I really think it’s just the start of 2nd part of the concert. People probably thinks “ya.. even if we don’t cheer and yell ENCORE laruku will still come out again” [laughs] But when the voices of “encore” merge into one, I can see it from the backstage.. and last year’s tour, we repeated “kaze ni kienaide” twice. That was a REAL encore. ‘Coz we didn’t plan it. The concert already ended, when the audiences are leaving, we suddenly start again, and everyone just rush back to their spot in total chaos and panic!! But since we don’t want that kind of chaos to happen again, so sometimes even though we really want to encore [a real one, not a planned one] we can’t do it.

My feelings toward fans.. they’re like my brothers and sisters. There are naughty brothers, good sisters.. kandou times etc. Basically its really cute. Umm but I wonder what they like about us? Wow isn’t that a lot of people though? (haha) When the concert tickets sold out, it just feels really unbelievable… fushigi na..

Goal equals death. Therefore, I want to die satisfied… hmmm, dunno why, these days I feel like dying. Like after 12/27 Budokan LIVE, and got platinum disk, I was “happy to death” ( so happy that I can die ). Like those movie scenes, before the main guy dies, he’ll become happy..

So is there 13 or 12 horoscopes? At some point, people started saying that there are 13… but then the idea sorta died out later. Basically I don’t really believe in these fortune telling things over the starts etc..

Basically (wow…hyde uses “basically” a lot.. ^^;) it’s a thing that I think of and give out. That’s “Idea”. Unlike in the movies, when someone think of something, they’ll go like “OH!” and with a light bulb that kinda thing. Instead it’s like “So how are we going to solve this problem?” and then start thinking. So when I write songs, I’ll say “Okay, lets write some songs” and I’d just do leisure things while searching the melody. Usually we don’t have these sudden ideas that come, I have to change to “thinking mode” first. For L’Arc~en~Ciel, we had this idea before thinking of doing a single.

Isn’t it scary to travel at foreign places when you don’t know their language? Go with someone who can speak foreign languages? It’s good.. but I have to be frank with them na? Basically [ah using this word again haido!!] I can’t really open my heart to others.. [laughs] Therefore, it’s so much trouble… but there are some things that I wanna see. Like aurora, pyramids etc. And I really want to see white whales too. I’ve not even seen it on TV.. so I want to see cool things, I also want to see space.

In this photo session I had to break this mirror.. and when I break the mirror there’s this shiver. If it’s a guitar it’s probably gonna be the same feeling.. but I’ve never broken anything that shouldn’t be broken. I’ve not even thought of doing it either, but isn’t killing someone the same idea? Hmm, sometimes I think about it.. dangerous eh? [laughs]

If there’s no love in this world we can’t live, right? Wouldn’t we feel like robots , like animals, the kind that I need most is the love that can make me feel at ease. The love that I talk about in lyrics, is reflecting my own experiences. But there are many love songs in the world, like I love you, I’m waiting for you. It’s easy to say, but I don’t really understand ne, Love

These days I took a lot of medicine for flu. Colds are really scary. If I’m a student, and I can stay at home because of cold, it’s good. But then now we can’t just take breaks… If I have to work while I’m sick.. it sucks so much. And I also drink the vitamin drinks to keep good health other than medicine.

These days I stayed up till the morning, because of the “work cycle”, usually work at night. But humans supposedly sleep at night, isn’t it? But because of the advance of technology, we don’t really have to sleep at night anymore because we have lights and stuff. But I don’t go out to play at night, although when I was younger I hang around my neighborhood. Now, I stay at home at night. Average sleep is about 7 hours.

Our music is not known to overseas, right? Wouldn’t it be nice if they can hear it too? But once in a while we get fan letters from overseas too.

I seldom talk on the phone. No one calls me. I don’t call anyone. So my phone bills are really cheap yo~ I don’t really like talking over the phone, but I don’t meet in person a lot either. [laughs] Don’t like to go out ne.. but I bring cell phones, because it’s super convenient. For example, when you’re meeting someone, if you don’t know the meeting place you can talk on the phone and find the place at the same time… or if you’re driving, and there’s a traffic jam, you can call and say that you’ll be late. Or else you’d have to stop your car somewhere and use the public phone.

Yesterday there was scale 3 earthquake, right? It’s very scary. There are more earthquakes over Tokyo.. don’t have that in Osaka.. I already forgot, but when I first came to Tokyo, there were always earthquake.. it was culture shock.

My room is dirty yo! [laughs] After moving, there wasn’t much change. I only buy things I want. It’s not like I’m stingy, but things that I don’t need I don’t like to keep it in my room. Now I want to buy a bookshelf, but I can’t find any particular one that I like. So the books are piling up. My ideal is not the parvenu kind, I want an antique style home. When I buy furniture I usually buy wood color or iron etc. My bed is white.

I’ve been smoking for almost 10 years.. but I haven’t thought of stopping yet. When I first smoked, it was those tobacco for colds “Neo Cider”. For real cigarettes, it was “caster” and “Cabin Mild”, “Mild Seven”, “Cherokee” but it stop producing. Probably, I’ll smoke until the doctor stops me. Now I smoke 1 pack everyday. About 25-30.. I smoke the most when I compose songs and watch video. I don’t smoke when someone’s sleeping, only before sleep and after sleep. When I sleep, my nose is allergic so I can’t live with a smoker in my house. (RANT: This is scary… many musicians die in lung cancer or throat cancer because of smoking-singing-drinking!)

These days, I haven’t cried. Occasionally I’ll feel impressed. When I feel sick I’d also want to cry. I’ll cry if there’s touching events.. I cried watching movies. Like Ghost is the type of movie that makes everyone cry.

I don’t believe in UFO. Although I used to believe. It’s associated with ghost, when I don’t believe ghost, I don’t believe UFO. Aliens riding on UFO coming to earth? I think there are aliens.. from earth to the next closest planet that has alien inhabitants, wonder how many light years we’re apart… are they more civilized and advanced than us? But if they can come visit us then their technology’s gotta be more advanced than us. But then why are they interested in earth ne? Maybe they should be interested in some other planet? That’s why I really doubt if UFO really came to earth… I’ve read a book talking about the possibility and they say it’s low.. From the many books that I’ve read, it’s the most realistic I think. The universe is so massive.. I bought this “universe map” thing, and the solar system’s like a little dot at the side… but the solar system is already really big! Hmm there must be others living outside of earth, very very far away. If possible I’d like to go to other planets, I’m interested in aliens too.

Last year’s valentines day.. I saw “Dan-ba-in” [laughs] I got lots of chocolates from fans too. Previously I don’t have much memories of valentines day. Now I receive from fans, but when I was a student I didn’t get any! So I hated valentines day.

Because there’s war, I don’t believe there’s God. If there’s God, seeing his people dying, and he’s not doing anything. So, I think there’s no God in this world.

X – Day
X-day is doomsday, the destruction of humans ne. 1999 July, I don’t believe, but I had a bet with sakura, betting if something will happen on that day. Something happening as in.. at least a few thousand people dying, disasters etc.. then sakura wins. And the prize.. we’ll decide on 1999 New Years Day. [Laughs] I don’t think Nostradamus’ prophecies will come true.

The year passes by really fast, just quite unbelievable that one year will end. Although there wasn’t a lot of change, but the people from the South don’t like Japan because they think having four seasons is not good. But I don’t think so because isn’t four season’s great? The countries in the South doesn’t have four seasons, But they have rainy season ne? Isn’t the four seasons in Tokyo quite distinct? There’s also snow… I think that’s very good..

I think Zoos are quite cruel… for the sake of making everyone else happy. Of course, when I was a kid, I went to zoo too and I didn’t think of it as cruel, but then I didn’t like it either, ‘coz I think it stinks. [laughs] But I like the aquarium, I went to the sea world quite often. There was a Jinbeizame (whale shark) it was very amazing. But every time I go to a zoo I’ll feel pitiful for them… it makes me feel bad.. like the white tigers etc, they have to repeatedly doing some trick over and over again, no matter if they wanna do it or not. If the space in the zoo can be wider, just like living back in the wilderness then maybe it would be better…