2019 Preps + Important Date

Celebrating Hyde's 50th Birthday!

First of all, for our first January 2019 update, the Hydeist Team would like to wish HYDE a merry 50th birthday today! Also as a celebration to his birthday, Hyde will be having a 2-day acoustic concert today and tomorrow which will be held in Wakayama, Japan. For more details regarding the Black Mass 2019 Birthday concert, feel free to check out KuroMisa and the live viewing.

Second, as a 13th year gift to Hydeist (yay~ we’re 13 years online), I’ve made a new layout featuring a photo of Hyde from his 2017 Christmas concert poster. Yes, Hydeist has been doing a lot of facelifts since 2005 and the very old layouts to date won’t be showcased under the past layouts page, mainly because it’s 100% crappy and insignificant. But aside that, I’m glad to announce that I’ve made some additions to Hydeist since the start of January. One, although I’m still working on the admin side of the page, the guestbook is now open (for real!); posts submitted will be placed under the pending queue so I would be able to check which to approve. Two, the gallery! In the end, I was left but to use Coppermine instead. I’m still working on the theme to match the main site so kindly expect some errors if there is at the moment. 😀 Three, I’ve updated some of Hyde’s information, including the addition of his collaborations with other artists, his in depth profile and a pending page about his relationship.

I’m currently working on his photos at the gallery, I will try to add the old ones soon but for now I’ll start with the PVs. If you have any recent or old Hyde photos whether it be from magazine scans, photoshoots and the likes, I’d be very much happy if you could donate them to Hydeist. ^_^ You will be credited of course~

That will be all for today. 😀 I will update this post later tonight if something new comes up (probably some photos from his birthday concert or something). 😉

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1st Week Progress

After Hydeist’s first week run using WordPress, I was able to transfer the previous updates from the old shrine’s CuteNews, majority of the informational pages has already been add up as well. Under the About Hyde tab, we have the following pages up and running: Biography, Profile, Fun Facts, Alphabet, Discography, Filmography, the Interviews section where we have the Hyde’s Diary and the Thoughts About Hyde, while the Timeline section is still under heavy construction, with the 1991-2000 published at the moment.

The rest of the newly added/transferred pages are under the Website’s tab. Also, since I’m using WordPress now, I’m still thinking how to handle the Interactive section because all of the pages there are using PHP, and PHP is not integrated in WordPress pages. Although there is a plugin I think, but I don’t plan to add more plugins so I’ll figure something out soon.

The multimedia section will have to wait—yet again. I plan to publish the possible pages first before installing the Gallery. Since that would be kind of doable, especially that I have to re-upload the images again, I’ll prioritize the unpublished pages first. I’m also working on another fan site—which happened to be One Piece—so I have to schedule any Hydeist updates during Tuesdays and Thursdays. My Saturdays and Sundays are for reading and a bit of blogging, so it’s occupied while I kind of pour my Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on One Piece. So yep, please bear with me again for the nth time! 😀

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Shrine Transition

It’s been more than a year again since my last update! Good Lord, always slacking off and with too many online projects I’ve been doing plus a lot of sleep ahahahah. To be honest, the very main reason why I’m lacking updates is because of the system I’m using since effin’ 2005; that is manual updates. Like I have to login to my cpanel and create or edit files/pages one by one which is causing me so much time and troubles. But alas! We are now switching to WordPress after forever of not trying it out. This way, I’ll be able to edit and create pages as simple as one-two-three and with the blogging system of WordPress, it’ll be much easier.

Since that we are currently transferring into a new system, kindly please expect that all of the links above are currently empty. I will not post an update to each pages that will be added but I will once the transfer is finished. 😀

That will be all for today, please bear with me!

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