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Interviews ❱ Hyde’s Diary

Some entries from Hyde’s diary—and I know these are so few, so I’d be very much happy if you could help me add more for this page! 😉

November 21, 2012 (hyde talks about how he loves his job)
“I used to hate doing my part time job back in the day, so when I’d wake up in the morning I’d be like I wonder if there’s some way I can get away with taking the day off. Every day! But when I started doing this work, there wasn’t a single time that I said that to myself.”

November 20, 2012 (hyde talks about the song ‘Killing Me’)
“It took a whole month for me to come up with anything for this song. The title had already been decided though. (laughs) But nothing else. Maybe it was holding me back—that phrase “Killing Me.” So I was worried because it was already going to be released as a single (laughs) and I figured I had to write the thing soon. But the thing that helped me out was that I was doing promo for the movie “Kagen no Tuski” and the character Adam became a hint for me.”

November 16, 2012 (hyde’s observations on shows in different countries)
“When we played in Shanghai, I noticed the fans are really active. And when we play in Korea the fans are really loud. The Chinese fans move around a lot, and move away from their seats because they’re so excited. I guess each country has their flavor. Japanese are shy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but they end up doing what other people do. So they all move together at a show.”

“Oh yeah when we got to Taipei I saw lots of posters for a Marilyn Manson show. The show was actually that night! So I went, but it wasn’t very good. They just didn’t look like they were into it. And Manson was fat and just ordinary-looking wearing a black t-shirt. I mean, he was throwing his mike around and acting crazy, but it was just a string of their greatest hits and I’m sure in the back of his mind he knew that. But the fans were really into it, and I’m sure they were just happy to have him there. Sorry to say the show was a disappointment compared to when I saw him play ten years earlier in London…”

(Quote from hyde on getting away once in a while.)
“If you’re always with the band, your world becomes a little small. I mean, it’s just your buddies and you, basically. (laughs) So even if you have an idea for something you haven’t been able to do these ten years or so, you get this feeling like I can’t do it… But if you go outside and try things, you get a better idea of your own abilities, and when you come back to the band you’ll notice a lot of good and bad things because you saw a lot more. Then you think, maybe I don’t have to quit opening new doors, I should try something I haven’t done before.”

October 29, 2012 (hyde had a great quote at the Osaka show on the world tour)
“This is Osaka, where L`Arc~en~Ciel formed twenty years ago! Nowadays we go all over the world, but at the beginning, we only wanted to play here and wouldn’t even go to Tokyo. But recently we went to Jakarta. And everyone has the same smile as you all do. Even though there are different races, everyone has the same expressions.”