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Welcome to hydeist: an angel's tale, a shrine dedicated to Hideto "HYDE" Takarai from a well-known Japanese rock band; L`Arc~en~ciel. Currently, you are hydeist's visitor, accompanied with . While some of the contents are still unavailable or under heavy construction due to countless revamps that I've been doing for the past 11 years, you can and will be able to lurk or browse majority of the completed infomation. The multimedia section holds a small gallery at the moment and will soon be filled with wonderful photos. Please enjoy your stay!
10th August 2012 @ 3:34 PM

We're Still Alive!

Written by Aki 0 Comments Hydeist, Website, News
Hello people! It's been four years since I've announced the revamp and hiatus of Hydeist and I don't know how exactly to apologize for neglecting this fansite. Can you believe that? This shrine has been asleep for that long!

The reason behind that long hiatus is the main gallery. I wasn't able to put them up on time due to hectic schedules way back at the university (with my current major, I can only sleep 2-3 hours max, with my weekends taken by homework and plates ) and that I've been switching from one host to another. Apparently, I lost interest cleaning up the images because of my screwed up computer. So I've decided to go back to that old work once I have a new computer that would not piss me off because of lag and stuff. Unfortunately, I still haven't bought a new one but I'm planning to buy next week.

Every page in this shrine is already up and running except for the gallery. I currently have more than 70 images in my old drive so expect that addition of images would be by 10s... hopefully! I'm really am sorry for not updating.

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