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Welcome to hydeist: an angel's tale, a shrine dedicated to Hideto "HYDE" Takarai from a well-known Japanese rock band; L`Arc~en~ciel. Currently, you are hydeist's visitor, accompanied with . While some of the contents are still unavailable or under heavy construction due to countless revamps that I've been doing for the past 11 years, you can and will be able to lurk or browse majority of the completed infomation. The multimedia section holds a small gallery at the moment and will soon be filled with wonderful photos. Please enjoy your stay!
29th November 2012 @ 11:36 AM

Slacking Off 101

Written by Aki 0 Comments Hydeist, Website, News
No, don't look at the archives--you'll see how many months I've been slacking off since the proposed comeback of this shrine. No, seriously. I'm really not slacking off. I'm just busy with my life outside the internet and I'm actually working on two shrines simultaneously. There's a bunch of work to do there and wait, I'm running out of English.

First of all, I was really disappointed and not satisfied with the previous layout that I've made. It was so... dull, I think that's the right word. So I've decided to reconstruct the design into a different one; although it has the same header image, only that I've added a shadow image and changed the fonts, background and colors around the entire place. And this satisfies my vintage taste. I feel like I'm looking in an old love letter placed atop an old furniture inside an ancient mansion. Dreamland eh?

Secondly, woooh~ I've finally managed to open up a bunch of pages that were left empty these past few years. Well, not exactly empty, they were just not published during those times. Two pages are honestly in a state of coma heavy construction; naming gallery and screencaps. They are not empty now, you can somehow browse some pictures there. The old ones are still piled up in my old hard drive and I still haven't transferred them to my external hard disc mainly because (1) I can't find a cable that would fit into the motherboard and (2) I don't know where the hell is my old hard drive.

I can honestly think that maybe Kami-sama is punishing me for slacking off and forgetting about this shrine.

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