Major Facelift + Gallery Upgrade!

That’s it! Hydeist just had a major facelift, replacing the previous layout that were featured since August 6, 2014 and starting the year 2017 with a more modern and professional look. :3 But, before we forget what Hydeist previously looked like, let’s all have a last peek:

So, for the last 11 years and a half, I could say that this is the first time that Hydeist had a decent and professional looking layout (although the last two layouts are decent as well). And blimey! Hydeist has been running for that long with not much of an update and some under construction pages (LMAO).

It’s really difficult to keep track of the media section especially that I don’t get much of donations. So, if you are big fan of Hyde and L`Arc~en~ciel and you have some photos you’ve taken, scanslations and the like, you are very much welcome to share them to us! And you can send them directly to aki@hydeist.tk and we will gladly add them to the media section with proper credits! <3

With the media section involved in this update, I am very sad to say that the actual old photos that I have (that were up for gallery addition) has been wiped out (for the nth time) when my desktop’s OS unfortunately got corrupted. I tried to have the files saved if there’s hope, but since that the desktop’s HDD was not partitioned that time, I wasn’t able to save all of my files (not just Hydeist-related files, but ALL of my important shenanigans). :'( I should have uploaded them when I had the time /creys

That again, I’m back to zero. O_o Why is this always happening to me? D:

Included in the major facelift is the upgrading of the gallery section. Since Hydeist has been founded, I’ve been managing the gallery section with manual scripting. If I’m going to hold a big collection of the gallery, I’ll be needing a gallery script, right?

At first I’m thinking about using Coppermine, but kind of hesitated because the script is a huge file. So I ended up using Plogger, which I think is a lot more easier and simple. :cute: Besides, it’s under the recommended list of my host’s Softaculous scripts.

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Guestbook + Season’s Call

Guestbook project is finished! Alas, my experiments for the Hydeist guestbook was successful after two days of trial and error. I got fed up with simple tag/chatbox scripts that floods everything up, so I’ve decided to give MySQL a try for this and viola! (^_^)/

On the other hand, since I was busy doing the guestbook page, changing the watermarks on the screencaps was delayed. I’ll start going back to the screencaps today if I have the chance, unless something comes up again in my head that would probably delay it again. XD

[EDIT: 9:48 PM]
Done changing the watermarks for the 2009 Live in Paris screencaps and added the Season’s Call PV screencaps.

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Link PV Gallery

As I’ve mentioned yesterday, I was supposed to do the updates this coming weekend. Turned out that the said spare time came way too early. XD Anyway, the Link PV under the screencaps section is now up, with a total of 23 pictures.

Also, I’m supposed to do the other screen caps but I’ve decided to pause it for a bit and change the current watermark I’ve put on each images since it still have the old URL — for comfort’s sake and to avoid confusion, I think I should do that first. Tee-hee~! :3

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