Slacking Off 102

First question to your dear webmiss just to clarify a lot of things: Why aren’t you updating Hydeist often? The possible main reason for that is I’m quite honestly busy with a lot of things going around my head. I’m currently 28 weeks expecting and God knows how exciting yet stressful it is, not to mention I spend 10 hours of work for 5 days with 5 hours of travel and preparation back and forth. To cut the story short, I can’t find the right time to update Hydeist at this point of life. XD

Moving on, you might be wondering why you’re being redirected from the old URL to this new one. Yes! Hydeist finally have her own free domain name. :3 I’ve went through several ifs and buts whether to do this or not, but in the end I pushed for it. Since this is a new home, alas a good welcome to the layout’s second version as well: An Angel’s Tale.

I might be updating some of the contents here this coming weekend, I can’t promise though but I will try in the hopes of securing some nifty spare time I might have. :3

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2012 Fansite Pageant Winner!

I know I haven’t been on much since 2013 started and I kinda missed shrining and stuff. Too many thing happened in real life and I just can’t believe how I am savoring the very moments I’m having right now. I still do check my mails once in a while though, and applying for work is a tad tiring.

So what’s the surprise? I’m really happy today and still can’t believe that this very shrine won the 2012 Fansite Pageant of Amassment. I didn’t know about the pageant and all and I was really shocked when I saw the email. Thank you so much for those who voted for this fansite! It really means a lot! :teary: And even though the shrine is not 100% complete, it was still picked as the Favorite Musician for the pageant, so thank you very much.

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New Addition to the Gallery

Good day! Here I am again making a manual update for Hydeist. Since the last update, I’ve been doing various things for this shrine so I’d be able to finish it by the end of this year. Hopefully! If not, at least have it 95% complete.

As of now, I still have some contents that needs revamping, the rest are all good. For the main updates and obvious ones, first off, I’ve finished the hydeist page; a page of my blabbing about why I love Hyde. (/u) I’m still planning to add something there but I’ll include what would it be once I’m satisfied with it. Second one is that I’ve added the Drink It Down screencaps on the multimedia, having 54 pending for Link and Kaze ni Kienaide.

Also, I’d like to thank the people who visited this shrine even if it’s not yet officially launched! You know who you are, and for that I’ll give all the love to you guys. 😉

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