Packing Up!

It’s been a while since my last update and to be honest, nothing has been added much since. That is because I was contemplating with myself and finding a free hosting website where it can somehow handle the space needed for the gallery. So, after months of searching online and gathering suggestions from friends, Hydeist finally has a good place to stay: Freehostia! >:)

Since that Hydeist just recently moved, expect that there will be a bunch of page errors and missing links. And moving things one by one is a bit tiresome (blame me for not having an FTP client at the moment for easier life). With that being said, unfortunately that I have to say this again, this site is on revamp stage and major hiatus at the moment. You can still view the main page, but like I said, there will be missing links and other shenanigans. 😉

That’s all for the day and I do hope that I’ll be able to finish things up sooner.

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Struggling With Current Host

Oh noes… I’ve forgot to update this site. I’ve been very busy at the university these days and all I have to do is work here and there and keep struggling for my grades. *facepalm* Since it’s been a while that I’ve almost killed this site, no recent changes has been added. I’m also thinking about the small space here in GeoCities (15MB for heaven’s sake…) because it won’t be able to hold up all the images I’m about to put on the gallery. So, I’m planning on moving to another host with enough web space to hold everything for this site.

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Gallery Update

2008! Start of the real class but the professors are all missing (college life)! :enthralled: Hahahah, so yeah… I’ve added another eighteen photos of Hyde at the gallery page. Those images needs a credit, so if you’re planning on putting them or displaying them to your sites, you must give it a link back to this site. I intentionally didn’t put a text on the images so that it’ll look more presentable and nice.

Hm… what else..? Ah! Happy new year and thanks everyone! Ja ne! (^_^)/

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