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Potentially Asked Questions

I used the word potentially instead of frequently since I think that potentially is more fitting than frequently because although I don’t receive such questions, I have the feeling that they can be potentially asked—so yeah, enough of my babbling (English 1MB data strikes again XD). If you have any other question that’s not listed below and only related to Hyde or this fan site, please contact me and I’ll try to answer your problem.

Who is HYDE? Or Hideto Takarai?
Hideto Takarai, most commonly known as HYDE is a musician and is the vocalist and main lyricist of the famous and successful Japanese rock band, L`Arc~en~ciel. Full information can be found on the basic information and profile page.

Betsuni is a Japanese word which means “nothing” in English. 🙂

Can I use your shrine’s contents for my website?
I don’t have any problem with that as long as you give this shrine a proper credit especially to whoever and wherever contents were made or taken from. Credit us on the page were you put the content, but please try to at least put the credit where people can clearly see it. If you take something out of here, please don’t be afraid to e-mail me so that I will know where my stuffs are going.

Your images are great, can I make use of them?
If you wish to use the graphics here especially Hyde’s photos located on the gallery (except the layout used here) for your layouts or some graphics, yes you can use them but please DO NOT forget to link this shrine back, that’s all I’m asking in exchange of my hard work. 🙂

There is a broken link or the page cannot be accessed.
Please check the links first if there are some special characters inserted ‘before’ it (double asterisks [**] means that it’s an upcoming page while the single asterisk [*] means that it’s been updated). If you can’t find the double asterisks symbol then probably it’s a wrong written link or a missing page, please let me know about this error and contact me as soon as possible (select the subject as Report Error) and tell me what page is broken.

Could we exchange link or be affiliates?
Of course, as long as your site is only related to Hideto “HYDE” Takarai and the whole L`Arc~en~ciel or any other Japanese related to this subject. If you are perfectly aware that your site doesn’t have or doesn’t include any pornographic materials, then please feel free to apply for an affiliation. Make use of the contact form and please select the subject as Affiliation.

P.A.Q.s ❱ Hyde & L`Arc~en~ciel

In addition to the site-related potentially asked questions, below is the list of same questions in the Hyde and L`Arc~en~ciel fandom which were asked over and over again. So hopefully this section will help bring some answers to new fans or just those who have particular inquiries. Credits to itachi for these questions, I’ll add up more when something comes up.

How does Hyde write all the English lines in his songs? Does he write them in Japanese and have them translated to English?
Yes. Hyde first writes the lyrics in Japanese and then has them translated to English by one of his tutors, Anis or Lynne Hobday.

Why does Hyde speak English so often?
Hyde gets English lessons from Lynne Hobday, who also works on translating his song lyrics. His close friend, Anis (vocalist of Monoral), also helps him out. Besides that, remember that English is mandatory in Japanese schools so he had been learning the language in school as well.

Has Hyde ever lived/studied abroad?
Yes. Hyde lived in London, England, for the recording of Roentgen around 2001-2002. He also had to be there for the filming of Kagen no Tsuki. He spent the filming of Moon Child in Taiwan. There’s also the countless vacations he has spent in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Morocco, etc. Plus, the filming of some PVs takes place abroad: New York, Las Vegas, Morocco, etc.

Does Hyde live with Gackt?
Although this seems like a ridiculous question to some, but we’ve actually heard many fans mention how these two supposedly live(d) together. Well, no, wrong, sorry. Hyde’s married and lives with his wife and child. Gackt probably lives with his sister and bandmates. The two never lived with each other; during the filming of Moon Child they had separate rooms.

Is Orenji no Taiyou, the duet of Gackt and Hyde confessing their love for each other?
No, sorry. We know how much you want these two to get together, but it’s not happening. The song was created by Gackt and Hyde for their movie together, Moon Child.

Why did Hyde dress up as a nazi and a pope for some of the AWAKE performances?
Hyde has never answered this question exactly, but he mentioned during one of the MCs of the tour that he wore the uniform because he wanted to take it off. He says he wishes, in this world, that military uniforms didn’t exist. Basically, it is an extension of the “Love & Peace / Anti-War” theme of the entire Awake tour.

Who is Anis?
Anis is Hyde’s close friend, and also the vocalist of Monoral. He works with Hyde in translating his lyrics from Japanese to English.

Who are Hyde’s solo band members?
Hiroki (bass guitarist), Furuton (drummer; formerly of the band Oblivion Dust), Kaz is Hyde’s producer and extra guitarist (formerly of Spin Aqua and Oblivion Dust). For the recording of some songs on the FAITH album, Hyde used Americans as his bandmates. However, for concerts during that tour, he returned to using his regular band members.

What is Hyde’s favorite cigarette brand?
He changes it. Older interviews say Cherokee, but that company is out of business. Around 1998, he said Mild Sevens were his favorite. Later he said he liked Marlboro Lights the best. In a Roentgen (2002) live, he said his favorite was Phillip Morris Extra Lights (the same as Kyo from Dir en grey). Anyway, he changes his favorite cigarette brand often, but generally sticks to Lights since he claims his body is weak.

Does Hyde own a clothing line?
Yes, it’s called HYDEIST and only available for purchase through his official fanclub. If you want to be part of his fanclub, though, you need to have a Japanese address.

Is Hyde married?
Yes, to model/actress Megumi Oishi since December 25, 2000.

What is the name of Hyde’s son?
No one knows, but if you do know, please by all means send it in. Hyde prefers to keep his personal life very private.

Where did Hyde’s name come from?
Hyde comes from Hideto, Hyde’s real Japanese first name. Originally his stage name was Hide (directly taken from his first name), but once Laruku became major, he changed it to hyde (band name) or HYDE (solo name).

How is Hyde’s name pronounced?
Just like it sounds. Hyde as in Jekyll and Hyde, or Hyde as in the game, hide and seek. Due to the Japanese language, Japanese fans pronunce it Haido, since that’s how his name is written in katakana. However, if you’re not a native Japanese speaker, it’ll probably sound awkward if you try to pronounce Hyde’s name the Japanese way.

Is Hyde 100% Japanese?
Yes, he may look a bit foreign, but he is definitely 100% Japanese. His wife, though, is 25% British, but that’s just an extra little fact.

Who are the members of L’Arc~en~Ciel?
Hyde (vocalist), Tetsu (bassist), Ken (guitarist), and Yukihiro (drummer). Former members are drummer Sakura (left in 1997), guitarist Hiro (left in 1992), and drummer Pero (left in 1992).

What does the name “L’Arc~en~Ciel” mean?
It’s French for “Arch in the Sky,” or “Rainbow.”

Who came up with the name?
Tetsu, the bassist and also the leader of the band, came up with the name from the title of a random French film, because it sounded melodious.

Why are they sometimes called Laruku?
The katakana used to spell L’Arc~en~Ciel’s name is “Ra-ru-ku an Shi-e-ru.” When foreign words are transformed into Japanese, all L sounds are replaced by R sounds. Laruku is the shortcut Japanese fans have given to the band, since it is short and easier to pronounce than the whole name.

What is P’unk~en~Ciel?
P’unk~en~Ciel is L’Arc~en~Ciel’s alter ego. They are the same band members, only with switched roles. Hyde plays guitar, Ken plays drums, Yukihiro plays bass, and Tetsu does vocals. They take L’Arc songs, remix and rerecord them, and then feature them as B-sides on singles. They also perform live, often in the encore of a regular L’Arc concert. During such live performances, Hyde usually wears an eyepatch and Yukki usually wears a gasmask.