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In Depth Profile

Every bit of information you’re about to see here came from different sites, interviews and of course, fans. If you see any mistake, please contact me immediately.

Name: Hyde
Real Name: Hideto Takarai
Nickname: Hyde , Haido , Doihachirou (Tetsu’s nickname for him – the katakana for ha i do spelled backwards is do i ha, and doihachiro means “mischievous” or something in Japanese.)
Date of Birth: 29th January, 1969
Place of Birth: Wakayama, Osaka (Kansai)
Height: 161cm (5’3″) [as of THE HYDE]
Weight: 48kg (106 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Current Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (rumored to own the entire 20th floor of a high-rise apartment building)
Constellation: Aquarius (ruling planet of Uranus)
Family: Father & Mother (Hyde’s the only child), Wife (Megumi Oishi, married Dec. 25, 2000), Child (male, born Nov. 11, 2003)
Marital Status: Married (25th December 2000)
Hobbies: sketching, smoking, drinking, inline skating, collecting blue glass products, playing video games, pool/billiards, snowboarding, reading horror novels
Instruments: guitar, saxophone, drums, harmonica, tambourine
Position: Vocalist & Lyricist of L’Arc~En~Ciel
Albums: Dune, Tierra, Heavenly, True, Heart, Ark, Ray, Ectomorphed Work, Real, Clicked Singles Best 13, SMILE, AWAKE


Favorites and whatnot. XD

Singer/Band: Marilyn Manson, Billy Joel, Radiohead, Cranberries, David Sylvian, BAKI (gas tank), Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Avril Lavigne
Composer: Ken, Jack Danger, Ueda Kenichirou
Instrument: Guitar
Song: As if in a dream
Movie: Saigo No Yuuwaku
Anime/Manga: Kamen Rider, Nekojiro, Death Note, Monster, Nekojiru, Doraemon
Video Games: BioHazard (aka Resident Evil)
Fashion Company: Monochrome
Brand/Designer: Jean-paul Gaultier
Cigarette: Cherokee (no longer manufactured), Philip Morris Super Light
Food: Curry rice, hamburger
Drink: VITA Vitamin In
Fruit: Watermelon
Subject: Art
Word: Fuck
Least Favorite Subject: Anything other than art
Colors: Silver, black, white, gray, the color of blood (red)
Books: Stephen King novels, Harry Potter
Present From Fans: CD Coupons
Type of Girl: Beautiful nice girl
Least Favorite Type of Girl: None in specific
Song from Dune: As if in a dream
Song from Smile: Eien
Song from Faith: Jesus Christ, Season’s Call


Other information of Hyde (some of it may change too).

Saying: Betsuni
Knowledge: Shaolin Kung Fu
Sickness: Color blind
Tattoo: Angel Wings (on his back)
Piercings: belly button, nipples, ears (back in indie days; by now his earring holes have closed up)
Scars: down his neck (from a biking accident)
Pets: crickets, possibly dog
Work Experiences: Mister Donut, drum teacher, ex-Jersalem Rods

First concert hyde went to: Wada Akiko
Childhood Dream: Manga artist, Kamen Rider
Artist Inspired hyde: Depeche Mode
Hyde likes to do stretching for relaxing purposes