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6. Family

As for my family, I never planned to talk about them (laugh). And I don’t plan to in future either. So, I thought I would talk about “why I have no intention of talking [about them]” in this section.

When I read other people’s interviews and they talk about their families, I can imagine that person’s background and because it is about someone else, it is interesting and I get that, so I don’t dislike it. You get to see another side of that person and you feel as if that person is rather sweet, as well as feeling as if you are getting a little closer to that person and when you receive that sort of good impression, it also makes you feel as if you are waking from a dream and coming back to reality. Something like, “Ah, and I thought he was a prince.” Well, for better or worse, more than just seeing various aspects of that person, perhaps you get to see a deeper part of that person. However, on the other hand, though it’s none of my business, I think, “That person is talking about things so frankly, is it really all right to say all this without first checking [with the people involved]?”. Because if you look at it from the point of view of the person being spoken about, it seems as if you are announcing things just as you please. Although it depends on the content, if it was me I wouldn’t want to be talked about. Keeping that in mind, as for my family, we not only have a future as a family but each of us may have our own policy [on these matters], so I don’t think it is a good thing to speak irresponsibly. That’s why I’ve decided that I will not talk about them from now on too.

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