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Interviews ❱ Thoughts About Hyde

These are some compilations of artists and musicians during an interview about what they think about Hyde. A big thanks to Lisdiani Nurhidayah, L`Arc~en~Ciel Indonesia’s admin for this compilation.

GACKT / Jihaku Chapter 20
“Take Hyde, for example. When I’m with him, I always think “Wow, this guy is so amazing.” That’s also love, or feelings very close to love. That smile is a sin. Since I first met him, I have thought that it would be great if Hyde was a girl. But dammit, he’s a man! If he was a girl, I would probably fall for him. I really go for types like him. No matter what they say, I’ll listen. If he or she said “Come here now,” I’d leave work and go. The type of girl that I look for is a gentle type like Hyde. If there was a girl like him, I think I would fall for her.”

K.A.Z – Dwango Interview
“He is an artist. He has a strange aura. Usually he is very quiet, but on stage when he SHOUT he is cool.”

yasu / Monthly VAMPS Volume 2
“As a musician, hyde is a genius. In his solo work, he has always been able to present a very different perspective from Laruku. He is a fantastic creator, only does things that he feels good about. Despite his talent, he is never a man with high attitude, he enjoys messing around with us. On stage, he is cool, mysterious and dangerous. But he is totally different in private. I really like how he has different sides. Even until now, he holds all my admiration, every moment of my life, my heart beats for him!”

Daigo / Monthly VAMPS Volume 4
“My brother (someone to look up to) is Yasu-san, HYDE-san is way above that. To me, Yasu-san is a brother, HYDE-san is kami.”

Kanata Hongo / Monthly VAMPS Volume 9
“HYDE as an artist, very much god-like, he has no weakness, I feel he is truly a perfection. His music is so cool, his voice is cool, his look is very handsome, still he works hard, always feel the need to move forward. I admire this particular trait of him the most, he is truly a very cool person. As a person, I think he is truly a gentle and loving person.”

Juken / Monthly VAMPS Volume 3
“It was during the recording of Glamorous Sky that I started to know him better through KAZ. HYDE-san has always been a quite person. At that time, I was also given the opportunity to work with musicians such as Tomoyasu Hetei (布袋寅泰) and Gackt. People like them tend to actively expresses their opinions on how to achieve what they want, have very strong presence among people. But HYDE is totally opposite, he has always been very quite, he only talks to make an important point. He is always very good at keeping a harmonious environment among people.”

Furuton / HYDE 666 Tour Pamphlet
“The first time I met him, we both got too nervous to talk to each other… But now I know that he is very easygoing and caring.”

Hiroki / HYDE 666 Tour Pamphlet
“My first impression was that he’s a beautiful person and very calm. I met him very long time ago when we were both amateurs. We’d be in the same room and greet each other, but that’s it, you know. But now I know he’s funny, and I feel something like there’s a silent fire inside him. Especially when he starts talking about music, I kind of see his back on fire (very passionate)!!! He sometimes becomes like carnivorous lesser panda (laughs). Cute, but very quick and dangerous.”