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Why Hyde?

Why I love Hyde? And why you should too? What is there not to love about him? His smoking habit? His long and/or short hair? His tattoo? Seriously, he might have hidden and obvious flaws about himself but I’m pretty sure he makes up for it for his fans. Yes? Now, let’s list down some of the reason why Hyde became a system of my being.


First of all, Hyde is petite. He doesn’t have the height of average males, but this fact alone already made him cute. He’s not skinny, not fat either. In fact, he’s sexy and being petite is sexy. This is also why he often wear high-heeled boots to gain some height even for an inch. Wearing heels doesn’t make you gay. Just clearing that one up. Since we’ve started off with the physical factor, then let’s have that.

Secondly, have I mentioned that Hyde is exceptionally beautiful in every way? For me he is, at least. He was born with a pair of charming eyes that shows both his inner and outer feelings. Hyde’s eyes are very expressive–when he’s up on the stage singing his songs to his heart’s content, when he’s shooting the music videos, interviews, photo shoots, it’s everything in him. If you want a devilish look, he’ll give you that effortlessly. A cute and/or seducing look? No problem. It’s very natural for him.

Last but not the least, Hyde’s smiles. Hyde doesn’t smile often and this what makes his smiles even more precious. He doesn’t need to show the entirety of his pearly whites or giggle just to look handsome. A simple smirk is enough to tease the ladies. Add that up with a wink, a grin then followed by his tongue sticking out could make all the ladies young and old to scream “kyaaaaaa!!!”.

His Talent

When seeing Hyde up on stage doing his dance, you might say that he’s not a good dancer. Sad truth is, Hyde has his own dancing skills and he’s really good at it. Only with the thing that he’s intentionally messing the dance. But for obvious reasons, he loves to shake his hips and he’s really good at executing the said routine. Is he gay? No, shaking your hips while you dance doesn’t mean you’re gay. Any man can shake their hips and believe me, they’re really good at it. Stay Away is a good example of Hyde showing off his dancing skills and I enjoyed watching it when I first saw the PV, even until now I’m still having my jaw dropped while watching the last minutes of the video (kudos to the very good CG though *laughs*).

Hyde has a powerful voice and he doesn’t just sing his songs. There are deep emotions coming from every words as he breathes them out with ease. His voice is a good example of a picture, only that you’re listening to it and not staring at it. You can feel the song and changing his voice depends on the meaning and/or spirit of the song is quality. Hyde can also do falsetto and a growl; he does when he’s reaching high pitch–not really growl, it’s more of a power voice that it would seem a broken voice.

Here, my most favorite of all the reasons why I love Hyde is his writing skills. He is a very good song-writer and a poet. His words are not just deep and emotional but also magical. Mostly he uses metaphors instead of literally writing what should be shown. Hyde is very bright when it comes to songs and poetry, a reason why you can’t avoid getting sunk in deeper into his words. And his voice matches his songs well. What should be felt within the song can be expressed by his voice alone. This is why Hyde is a great artist, a singer and a song-writer.